We are the leaders in post construction cleaning services in Vancouver BC with several years of experience working with major contractors and developers in the lower mainland. 

We specialize in the cleaning of post construction sites using all the necessary tools, policies and standards in place to provide professional janitorial services to newly constructed or renovated buildings.

Post construction cleaning services are available for contractors, developers, owners or tenants. Vancouver Corporate Janitorial is insured with a 5 million dollar liability so that you can rest assured and our thoroughly trained staff try their utmost best to satisfy all your needs.

Post Construction General Detail Clean

  • Remove drywall dust
  • Sweep storage spaces, dust water heater
  • Clean all windows inside
  • Remove all paint/glue/stickers from glass
  • Clean all window tracks and remove residue
  • Clean all window sills and frames
  • Clean all bathtubs and tub surroundings
  • Clean all shower stalls, sinks and toilets
  • Wipe down cabinets and vanity tops
  • Clean inside cabinets and drawers
  • Clean doors and frames
  • Remove dust from baseboards and all woodwork
  • Sweep floors

Post Construction Detail/Final Clean

  • Polish windows
  • Clean all woodwork (doors, frames, baseboards)
  • Clean all vanities, vanity mirrors, toilets etc.
  • Remove all labels from fixtures
  • Clean all cabinets and shelves (inside and out).
  • Remove construction residue, dust
  • Clean out all drawers, closets and countertops
  • Dust all fireplaces
  • Clean light fixtures and switches
  • Clean all sinks, tubs, and shower stalls
  • Dust all appliances
  • Polish stainless steel appliances
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Sweep garage, patios, and porches

Note: Please have painters remove all tape from hinges and hardware before final clean. We can remove plastic film from cabinets but as it is a tedious job, we will charge extra.

After Construction Final Touch up

  • Clean and wipe off countertops and windowsills
  • Vacuum carpets where necessary
  • Dust, mop floors
  • Clean toilets, tubs, sinks
  • Re-polish stainless steel appliances
  • Check windows/mirrors for smudges

Touch up is only necessary if an area has been contaminated by construction dust or by finishes. This step is usually done prior to residents moving in.