Fully Insured

Rest assured that our company and services are fully insured with a 5-million-dollar liability with Intact Insurance. Intact Insurance has policies to help protect our and your businesses, work space and equipment while the custodial staff are working in your space and help in the instance of a difficult situation. It is in your organization's benefit to always ensure that companies you hire have this important insurance in place.

Professional Services

Quality is achieved with a combination of skilled people and efficient systems in place alongside clear, consistent communication in compliance with regulatory standards. A professional janitorial company is one in which communication and reliability are consistently applied in the everyday routine workday. We created a business model that covers all the areas of importance for a well rounded commercial janitorial service with the client's needs in mind.

Bonded Staff

All staff are hand picked and go through a rigorous systematic procedure of streamlining in order to choose the best employees for Vancouver Corporate Janitorial. Employees are bonded and the minimum requirement includes a criminal background check, involving both criminal and driving records.