Vancouver Corporate Janitorial is a proudly Canadian company, specializing in Vancouver services, the city in which we live and love. Our vision is built on a history of trust, integrity, execution and quality that few can match. Our corporate and commercial clients are well known local and international companies with services within Vancouver.

We saw the demand for our service programs as a result of our coordinated effort to provide prompt quality service. We offer specialized janitorial services and environmental hygiene products in the Greater Vancouver area at a competitive rate. Vancouver Corporate Janitorial's dedicated team aims to provide professional results each time. 

  • Locally Committed Company
  • Sustainable organic growth
  • Continuously evolving

Off-hours Janitorial Services

If you prefer, our services can be performed during off-hours (nights & weekends) to eliminate disruption to your normal workday. All jobs are assigned an account executive that monitors all on-site cleaning operations.


Vancouver Corporate Janitorial leads the market with our monthly, quarterly and annual specialty cleaning maintenance & detailing programs; keeping our customers looking good for their clients, visitors and employees.

Extensive Personnel

Should you require to clean up in a hurry don't worry, our crews can respond promptly to one-off urgent as well as emergency service requests with our extensive network of personnel.